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ecoSolv Technologies LLC manufactures and distributes a line of advanced biobased technologies that provide many benefits for plant health & surface protection. Our goal is to provide technologies that reduce the use of harsh chemicals that negatively affect humans, animals and the environment. Water conservation is also high on our priority list.

Our star product is ecoAgra, an inexpensive and easy to apply colloidal micelle technology that offers a myriad of benefits to crops and other plants, such as flowers, trees, grass and shrubs. It is formulated entirely from plant extracts, and since it increases crop yield, the technology is truly sustainable. ecoAgra is USDA Biobased Certified. ... read more

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Our two main technologies, ecoAgra and ecoClean, are multi-functional, 100% biobased formulations that are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, readily biodegradable, and non-carcinogenic.

They contain no added fragrances or any harsh ingredients that may cause multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Our products are USDA BioBased Certified and listed on the Federal Procurement Program (FP).

eQuine Wash - BioBased Horse & Cattle Cleanser
eQuine Wash provides a thorough cleaning for horses, cows and other farm animals, leaving the hair soft and shiny. Washing offers relief from thrush, itchy skin, rashes, bug bites and sunburn. eQuine Wash loosens dirt quickly and can be rinsed away without scrubbing. The skin will be so clean that it will not attract mites or foster fungus. ... read more

Purchase ecoSolv Products
ecoSolv products are currently sold to commercial entities only, and are available through an expansive distribution network. To find a local distributor or to purchase our products directly, please contact us.
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Many molecular technologies require substantial artificial heat to be applied during the blending process. This is not true of ecoAgra and ecoClean. In fact, the carbon footprint at our blending facility is .016, smaller than in a typical household.

USDA Certifications

ecoAgra & ecoClean are USDA Certified BioBased Products and listed on the Federal Procurement Program (FP)
... read more

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